Posted on 20th January, 2019

by Liz

The Playboy Mansion became famous for hosting some of the most glamorous parties. The Mansion has built a reputation for being the hot party spot where rockstars and celebs attended to let their hair down.

Playboy parties are already a tradition. You can experience the wild, sexy vibe of the Mansion by throwing a Playboy themed party.

Gorgeous girls in sexy bunny girl outfits who mingle amongst your guests serving drinks are a great addition to any hot event. These hot girls entertain your guests so you don't have to.

Guys, we all know how a playboy bunny looks like. Just imagine those hot bunny girls at your event! That's right, our sexy Bad Girls know how to mingle and entertain your guests.

My girls used to go to the Playboy Mansion when Hef was alive. Beautiful, high-quality model girls and skilled entertainers always ready to have fun.

Tips for a hot Playboy-themed party

Similar to the famous parties of the Mansion, Playboy-themed parties are a huge hit and can be easily planned and organized. You just need to rent a cool mansion and hire the proper staff to take care of all the details of your event. Establish a dress code for your party: ask the guys to come in smoking jackets or silk pajamas.

Book our sexy, flirty bartenders and waitresses to mix up the drinks and lighten up the atmosphere. I'm absolutely sure that you will not find a better place or a cooler party in LA.

At Bad Girl Productions™ we knows how to plan a successful Playboy-themed party and we can supply all the best Bad Girls for your event. Give Liz a call and get ready for a complete night of debauchery Playboy Style! You already know what to expect from Bad Girls - Hand-picked gorgeous entertainers in their sexiest costumes. Hire hot girls in bunny outfits to add some sexy classy fun to your Ultimate Bachelor Party!