We are the best when it comes to organizing bachelor parties! All you need to do is decide if your buddy wants a themed party or not.

When it comes to organizing themed bachelor parties, we recommend you to choose our Harry Potter Theme.

Our sexy girls can dress up as any character and they can even have their house robes customized. Just decide if you’re a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw and get the party started.

We would also recommend that you give enough time to those attending your party to be creative in choosing their perfect theme costumes. Choose wisely, choose Bad Girl Productions™. Call us now to book our bad girls dressed in one of these awesome harry potter costumes.

Bad Girl Productions™, the ultimate bachelor party experience, is now proud to present to you Harry Potter Themed Bachelor Party! Our Bad Girls love to dress in Cosplay to present to you the most delicious spell. Choose your favorite Harry Potter witch - Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger or Nymphadora Tonks to entice the bachelor in a night of dizzying spells and big wands.

  • Party hard with fun witches and happy schoolgirls who love to cast spells.
  • Enjoy Harry Potter themed characters to come life and dance for your bachelor party.
  • This is for adults only. Your very own Chamber of Secrets will be kept by our gorgeous Bad Girls.

It is time to book Cosplay girls for the Harry Potter Theme Party. You set the stage, and everyone will enjoy the night. Send us an Owl Post.

Remember “it is our choices ... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Do you have a groom who loves theme parties?  We plan themed Bachelor Parties in L.A. Our Harry Potter Cosplay Girls will be perfect for a night of secretive sorcery.  You choose the witch; we send the cosplay girl.

Tonks, Ginny or Hermione will come to the bachelor party ready to start your magical wand. We specialize in bachelor parties with themes.

  • Get those hangover potions ready to serve.
  • Transform your bachelor party with a strike of the wand of secret sorcery.

Send us an Owl Post. Bad Girl Liz’s sexy house elves will start weaving the best-themed bachelor party in L.A. to fit your specific needs.

More than 20 years have passed since we first met Harry Potter and some of the first fans are now all grown up and on their way towards a happy married life. If your buddy is a Harry Potter fan and into themed parties, he will absolutely love Bad Girl Productions™’ Harry Potter Themed Bachelor Party.

  • Surprise the groom to be with Palm Spring’s hottest female entertainers dressed as any Harry Potter character you’d like
  • Celebrate your bachelor party in Palm Springs with the city’s sexiest witches
  • With a simple strike of their wand these fun, flirty adult elves will transform your bachelor party into a secretive sorcery that everyone will remember.

So, don’t hesitate to send us an Owl Post today so that Bad Girl Liz can get all her beautiful pixies ready for your ultimate Harry Potter Bachelor Party in Palm Springs.

So, your best bro, The Wizard is getting married and you are in charge of organizing a magical Harry Potter-themed bachelor party for him in Phoenix. Fear not, our beloved Muggle – Bad Girl Productions™ has got your back on this one too. We are the best bachelor party planning agency in Phoenix, and we will provide your party with the hottest female entertainers in town.

  • Join these sexy performers on a hot ride on Hotwarts Express
  • Our beautiful magical exotic dancers will keep those alcoholic potions coming for an enchanted bachelor party
  • Step into a magical world with a little help from our gorgeous Bad Girl

Guys put your butterbeer on ice and give us a call today so we can start planning your ultimate Harry Potter Bachelor Party in Phoenix.

Has your magical ability been summoned to plan your bro’s bachelor party and you don’t know where to start? How about a Harry Potter Themed bachelor party? Bad Girl Productions™ can now supply your enchanted bachelor party with some of Scottsdale’s hottest witches and naughtiest schoolgirls.

  • These sexy female entertainers will solemnly swear to spice up your bachelor party with their hot magic
  • They will make sure your butterbeer is always cold and at hand when you feel thirsty
  • Our spellbinding adult performers will keep your bachelor party enchanted all night

Send an Owl message or contact Bad Girl Liz, our Master of Mischief today to start planning your magical Harry Potter Themed Bachelor Party in Scottsdale today.

Bachelor party wizards you can now celebrate your Harry Potter themed bachelor party in the magical land of Miami with the help of your Bad Girl Productions™’ sorceress – Bad Girl Liz. We are the best adult entertainment agency in Miami and we will supply your Harry Potter themed bachelor party with the city’s hottest pixies.

  • Enjoy our naughty schoolgirls' enchanted dances
  • Keep those hangover giving potions coming by gorgeous house elves
  • Entertain your fellow goblins and centaurs with a little help from Bad Girl Productions™

Your Harry Potter themed bachelor party in Miami is going to be a magical event, that will please all your friends and especially a Harry Potter fan groom. Give us a call today so our sexy witches can start working on a magic spell custom made for your bachelor party.

So, the great wizard is getting married and it is your duty as his best man to organize his bachelor party. We recommend Bad Girl Productions™’ Harry Potter-themed bachelor party in Austin. Get your robes ready and we’ll take care of the entertainment.

  • Throw a magical party that will enchant the groom with our beautiful witches
  • Once these mystical creatures cast their spells on your bachelor party the memories will last a lifetime
  • Beware of naughty schoolgirls they can cause some dangerously high levels of excitement

You just make sure you have plenty of Hippogriff Gizzards, Gillyweed, and Bat Eyes on hand and we’ll make a plan for your ultimate Harry Potter themed bachelor party in Austin. Give us a call today and we’ll start working our magic straight away.

Our Bachelor Party Groups Having Fun With Our Harry Potter Strippers

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Great Bachelor Party

We booked a couple of girls from Bad Girl Productions™ for our buddy’s bachelor party. They were so hot and friendly and our buddy had the time of his life. I recommend partying with Bad Girl Productions™.

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Awesome bachelor party with Bad Girl Pro!

This bachelor party was one of the best things ever! So glad that we organized this with Bad Girl Pro and 4 of their sexy strippers. I would strongly recommend Bad Girl Productions™.

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A Fantastic Evening

Liz is fabulous. I called and talked to other agencies as well, but Liz was by far the most friendly, helpful and professional. Our football fantasy night went very well thanks to Liz.

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Hot Fantasy Football Night

Everything went perfect. We booked a couple of football strippers for our party and Liz helped us plan everything. We had a lot of fun and we'll definitely book them again. Thanks Bad Girl Pro!

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Such a Great Time

I was pleasantly surprised! The girls we booked provided the perfect entertainment for our bachelor party. They were on time, sexy and confident. They also looked a lot better in person than online.

Jon L.
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The Girls Were Beautiful

If you are looking to put a cherry on top of any event, this is the party planning agency you need! If you need hot strippers for your bachelor party, pick Bad Girl Productions™! Liz did a terrific job with our party.

Ryan G.
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